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Best trip EVER! You can't go wrong with Dezy, Clare & Seano!

Gary Taylor [September 2015]

The only way to travel is with Seano

TJ O'Connor

Our group is very fond of you all and we talk about our trip a lot and all agree we would come back in a heartbeat and do it all over again!  Thank you for such a magical time!

Julia Olson [May 2019]

Seano is reliable, safe, cheerful and "available"...if he can't help you out he knows someone who can.

Clare Smith

Nothing is too much trouble....transporting sets for Small Roads Theatre Festival (extra long coriboards) - could't do it without you! Huge thank you.

Dezy Walls [October 2016]

...Then you introduced us to Seano. What a treasure. It was our pleasure to have him share each meal with us. We learned so much about the people of Ireland from the stories we heard. He is such a giving person and we were mindful not to take advantage of him. I know he would have driven us to the end of the earth if we asked. He gave us his time, energy and many good laughs.He was patient and confident and we always felt safe in his presence. We loved meeting his family and hearing his stories and he was interested in hearing about ours in return.
This trip gave us the freedom to be able to make choices, to travel at our pace and to visit places we would have never found on our own. We will always be appreciative for that....

Sue Rowlyk [May 2018]